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Total Refit

Total Refit

Do whatever it takes to be fit!

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About Me


Angela Rogers


Personal Training Certificate (ACE)

Group Exercise Certificate (AFAA)

Lifestyle and Weight Management (ACE)

Nutrition Specialist Certificate

Adult CPR AED/ Pediatric CPR


14 Yrs Group Exercise Instructor

12 Yrs Personal Trainer

8+ Yrs Nutrition Consultant - Weight Loss

4 Yrs Physical Ed. Teacher

Assistant Manager Woman Health Club

  • Training Approach

    Personalized training can be tapered for your specific wants goals and desires. Whether this be a personal weight loss goal or to be able to go from couch to a 5k run or preparing for a milestone event like a wedding, half marathon, triathlon, warrior dash or iron-man/woman. Maybe you just want to be healthy and having support one or twice a week is needed. Whatever your need is will be addressed, strategized, planned, and then you and I will execute that plan. My type of training approach initiates as many aspects as possible to engage muscle strengthening, core, agility, plyometrics, and utilizing your own body weight as well as engaging the mind and motor skills we tend to lose over time.

  • Buddy Training

    Sometimes training with someone else can be your to a solution for motivation, be cost effective and fantastic accountability. Utilizing this type of workout encourages you and your partner to press on when the other may not be feeling it. Or you can’t remember right forms or how a particular exercise was done. Sometimes two brains and hearts are better than one. Never mind being challenged as well as some laughter which is good for the soul. This type of training is usually with 2-3 people at the most and be a fun way to exercise together to accomplish similar goals as well as having a social hour at less of the cost for 1 On 1. This can be especially beneficial for children, teenagers or adults training for a particular sport or event. Maybe you are having trouble just getting your teenager active, what better environment than a supervisor for siblings to challenge and be challenged

  • Group Training

    Group classes can be very inspiring and supportive. One summer I even ventured into Triathlon training with a group and it was the best thing I ever did. No matter what size, strength or experience you are the support of a team or group is beyond measure. There is nothing better than to have a team cheer you on to completion or push through where you think you couldn’t go. This type of training can be anywhere from 4 people or more, you have a place and a group that desires to go from lets say the couch to a 5k, or need more flexibility with Pilates and/or yoga; a moms group to get out twice a week to walk or whatever it may be I can help you make it happen. As classes develop those will be listed on this page.


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